Dear Dad

Cindy & Chris wedding

As soon as I became a parent, I had a new appreciation for all that my parents did to raise the six of us.

In molding the next generation, I see the importance of instilling character.  I have a really good example of this in my father.  Though we’re countries away, I’m grateful for the impact he is now passing on to my son.

Dad, thank you for:

  • Loving, supporting and partnering with Mom for 54 years.  You have showed me what a good man and husband is.
  • Spending countless and thankless hours helping me with my homework.  You  demonstrated what patience looks like.
  • Doing donuts with me and my friends in snowy parking lots.  You showed me you can let your hair down.  Even Falling Hare.
  • Showing up to sporting events, speech contests, plays and musicals, choir concerts and even those dateless Homecoming and Prom nights, you were there at the door with flowers.  You showed me what support looks like.
  • Early Saturday morning wake-ups to help me fold papers for my paper route.  You taught me what hard work and discipline is.
  • Allowing pets, even if not your favorite, and being willing to bury each one of them as they passed.  You showed me what love looks like.
  • Starting your days with family breakfast and devotions.  You showed me what faith looks like.
  • Staying up many late nights on your knees, until I arrived home.  You showed me what prayer means.

Those years went by too quickly, Dad.  Thank you for investing in each moment.  Thank you for demonstrating how we too can be intentional with our son.  These years will also go by too quickly.

Thank you doesn’t seem to be enough.


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