Lights Out

Light outOne of the joys of living in a third world country is that you learn to be grateful for the small things…like electricity.

Today is just another day. Yesterday, the power went off in AM. Then again in afternoon while hosting guests. So today when it went out at 9:30AM, I didn’t think anything of it. One to four hours without power or running water is usually the average so I was used to it.  Now, eight hours later, I decide to strap on the baby carrier and walk the dogs just to get us all out of the house.

When I call for the dogs to head home, only one returns.  I reach down to pat his head, praising him for his obedience, and realize he’s just been eating poop.  But with the power out, I can’t wash my hands so baby wipes will have to do.

It’s been ten long hours without power.  It’s now dark inside and out.  An inconsolable baby is a lot harder to soothe when you’re pacing in the dark.

As I call my husband, who is away on business, he asks if I’ve hooked up the generator.  I’m not thrilled at the idea of going on the rain with a small child to hook cables to my car in order to get power.  I’ll manage with a camping lantern.

Bemoaning my current situation, I brainstorm how I will bathe our son and prep dinner.  Then I see our neighbors have their lights on.

I suddenly realized the date.  This was not another weekly power outage.  We forgot to pay the electricity bill!

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