31 Days of My Life as Shebraham: Day 31

It is funny how quick we are to forget.  Even 30 days later, I’ve forgotten some of the lessons I’ve been learning this month.

As I reflect on October, I’m in process of…

  1. Identifying my own selfishness.
  2. Being challenged to find my voice.
  3. Finding my identity in Christ alone…apart from demographics, family and career.
  4. Learning to find joy in spite of my circumstances.
  5. Leaning into my friendships more now than ever.
  6. Trusting God when I don’t understand.
  7. Embrace versus fight brokenness.
  8. Becoming a mom in six months.
  9. Clinging to truth.
  10. Standing firm, above all else.
  11. Renewing my thoughts and my mind.
  12. Finally growing up.
  13. Accepting things as they are and finding gratitude/positivity.
  14. Learning that love is a choice.
  15. Focusing on the positive while not ignoring reality.
  16. Embracing faith.
  17. Seeing God’s goodness.
  18. Choosing patience.
  19. Seeking authenticity.
  20. Finally writing.

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