31 Days of My Life as Shebraham: Day 30


Life is better with dogs.  I begin and end my day with these furry friends.  Did I ever imagine I would have four dogs?  No.  But now I can’t imagine our home without them.  In fact, it takes a lot of self-control for me not to add to our pack, seeing that there are several street dogs in this city.

What have these four taught me in their short years with us?

With Sam (far left), I have learned loyalty, patience, kindness and faithfulness.  When we first brought him home, I thought he would only bring craziness.  But now he is a wise and comforting soul.  He’s the one who makes friends with all other dogs he meets.  He allows neighborhood children to pull on him or ride him.  He is our protector.  Though he rarely barks, when he does, we take notice!  Though never a fighter, when other dogs seem to be a threat to us or the others, he will stand in intervention.  He leaves the room if there is ever tension, reminding us, peace and harmony is priority.

With Sophie (second from left), I have learned diligence.  She is our hunter.  She has brought in birds, caught geckos, rodents and more.  She is our most intelligent and curious.  Though, she is neurotic as well.  Yet, she has a sweet side.  She must be active each day and is the one who tells me when it’s time for our daily walk.  She leads the way each time, never to be outrun by her male counterparts.  She always looks out for me, circling back to be sure I’m with the group.  She is my Lassie.

With Bear, I have learned unconditional love.  He has a special place in our hearts as the puppy we kept from Sophie’s litter. He has a big heart and you can see it in his eyes. He has a easily frightened side to him so he’s a bit jumpy.  This characteristic keeps him nearby at all times.  Thus he’s also a whiner if he alone.  He has taught me trust and companionship.

With Woolly, I have learned scrappiness.  He survived a year on the streets.  He is intelligent and a survivor.  He is independent and willful.  Sound familiar?  He is a quick learner.  He adapted within weeks to learning all the tricks the others learned over years.  He knew obedience equals treats.  He is sneaky, finding ways to break rules unnoticed.  Yet with all his street-smarts, he is extremely loving and craves attention.

These are the dogs who have made me.  Life would not be the same without them.

Happy Birthday to the brothers, Bear and Woolly (far right)!

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