Making Moments Memories


I was a sophomore in college when my first nephew was born.  Over the years as the babies continued to multiply, I couldn’t make it to all the family gatherings.  One tradition I most regret missing was the summer family camp.  My parents planned games, songs, crafts and skits for one week every year.  The best part was the annual family t-shirts that my dad designed to commemorate the occasion.

Unfortunately, those days have been outgrown by most of the family now.  And though we didn’t get the chance to experience family camp with our own son, I’m still so grateful for my parents’ example to make every moment a memory.

Today I treasure the few times every year when we can be surrounded by family.  These moments are more valuable to us now as parents but especially because we have so few of them.  We don’t get to share in cousins’ birthdays or nieces’ sporting events or nephews’ plays.  We miss parents’ anniversaries and emergency visits to the hospital.  So when we do get those few short days together, we want to make memories.

Photo by Betsy Markwald

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