31 Days of My Life as Shebraham: Day8

Genesis 12:4 continues, “So Abram went, as the Lord had told him.”  I wish I had the same obedience as Abraham did.

Instead, I question.  I push back.  I make excuses.  It’s easy to default to blaming the world and people around me.  But let’s call it what it is–disobedience.

Chris and I have four dogs.  Each one is unique in their own personality.  Woolly is the newest addition to our house.  I can learn a lot from observing our furry family.

Woolly is misbehaved.  Disobedient.  He could easily blame it on his story.  When he was 8 weeks old, we sold him to a neighbor.  Almost daily, when we’d drive by, he would be bounding through the street.  We would walk him home and beg, “Please keep a close watch on him.  He will run away.”  Sure enough, one day, we came home from a trip and never saw Woolly again.

I prayed for 9 months that I would miraculously find him.  I even wandered into a stranger’s property, past their gate and all, late at night, convinced I was following Woolly.  Instead, I just looked like the awkward foreigner once again.

Almost a year after he’d gone missing, I was taking Sophie, his mom, to the vet to be spayed.  Her 9 puppy litter was enough for me.  We were outnumbered with our 3 dogs as it was.  As I walked out of the vet, Woolly was sitting by my car, as if it was just yesterday that he left.

Even now, two years later, I’m still breaking him of bad habits.  He still disobeys, looking at me as if he has a right.  I don’t know his experience on the street.

I act the same way.  I look at my past or share my woes, looking for sympathy.

When will I learn to “GO” (to move forward) as Abraham did, without making excuses or needing to know where I’m going?

Oh, that I would know the faith of Abraham!

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