Thank You?


Thank you letters were non-optional in my house growing up.  It was a good lesson in practicing gratitude for the kindness of others.  Nowadays my gratitude seems to be more along the lines of Jimmy Fallon’s Thank-You Notes.

  • Thank you, Multiple Drivers, for cutting me off, when you can clearly see I’m mid-turn.
  • Thank you, Poorly Constructed Roads, for potholes requiring monthly tire repair.
  • Thank you, Fly, for laying eggs inside my dog’s skin that hatched into full-on worms.
  • Thank you, Taxi Driver, for zooming ahead on the left into oncoming traffic to make a right-hand turn in front of me before the light turns green.
  • Thank you, Woolly or Bear, for urinating inside again.
  • Thank you, Power Company, for cutting off power for twelve hours at a time.
  • Thank you, Litterers, for the mountain of debris outside my house.
  • Thank you, Charades, for being usual when my limited Spanish fails.
  • Thank you, Police, for standing in the middle of the road for random traffic stops while not directing traffic.
  • Thank you, Son, for removing every pot, pan and tupperware right before bed.
  • Thank you, Tropic of Cancer, for 12 hours of daylight year-round.
  • Thank you, Ants, for multiplying and leaving my house scented “Bug Repellent”.
  • Thank you, Roof, for leaking in five places in one room, including right over the bed.  Good thing rainy season is only six months out of the year.


One thought on “Thank You?

  1. I love the humor and original approach you take in writing your entries! The life lessons you share are relevant to so many, and you offer a refreshing perspective on the connection between motherhood and growing in faith and character. Thank you for sharing your world with us. 🙂


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