Month: October 2015

31 Days of My Life as Shebraham: Day 1

Everyone has a story.  This is mine–my Shebraham adventure.

I grew up in a small suburb outside of Chicago.  What I’ve known is comfort and stability.  Though this did not mean peace and quiet, in a household with six children.  Those moments were more likely discovered sneaking under my bed or reading in the treehouse that Dad built.  I’ve been very grateful for my life as I know it.  I was never in want–except for the occasional real Barbie doll or Cabbage Patch Kid or even something that wasn’t a hand-me-down.

Though one thing I do know as the youngest, I struggled to find my own way.  I was prone to look to my older siblings for my path and decision-making.  By my teen years, I feared veering too much from the comfort and stability that I had always known.  Which led to taking the easy path, falling into decisions that seemed like the “obvious next choice”.  This influenced my desire for perfectionism with everything laid out for me before taking the next step and my need for control.

Yet, during my high school years, I wanted to explore the world, experience an adventure, live a life outside of the comfort I had grown used to.  But I didn’t apply that yearning in my Spanish classes, rather spent that time chatting with friends, thinking “When will I ever use this?!?”

Little did I realize, that fifteen years later, I would desperately need it–not only Spanish, but also the ability to take the road less traveled, to move out of my comfort zone and to learn to let go of perfectionism.

So here I am, on Day 1 of this writing journey.  My first attempt at practicing the daily discipline of writing and sharing it with the world.  Funny how that same perfectionism of earlier years is creeping up, telling me, “You can’t share.  You have no website.  You’re not ready.”

Let the adventure begin!